74 minutes | Nov 28, 2019

379. Dystopian Futures, Burnout, and More with Alyssa Cole

If you’re queuing up podcasts for travel journeys, I hope you’ll add this one, as it’s immediately one of my favorites. Alyssa Cole and I start off talking about her Audible Original, The AI Who Loved Me, which releases December 3, 2019, and the many things she put in her imaginary near future that are now coming true. We also talk a lot about burnout, the costs of working too much, gentrification, her upcoming action-thriller-romantic-comedy, and overcoming hesitation to promote your own work. There are some thoughtful, weighty topics in this episode, but we also laugh so much, and I hope this conversation is as uplifting and inspiring for you as it was for me. Music: https://www.purple-planet.com
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