59 minutes | Aug 22, 2021

Special Episode as we focus entirely on Disney Genie, Genie+, Lightning Lane! Overview, speculation, strategies and more!

Episode 072 ... Week in review of August 21, 2021 as we discuss Disney Genie/Genie+/Lightning Lane .... and not much else ...DCI links: Spreadsheet and Visualization1) Disney Genie/Genie+/Lightning Lane - 101:- On Aug 18th Disney released information about the new system that they say will make your trips more efficient and provide you with more choice - We go through the information shared and what we think of itSources: Disney Parks Blog and Blog Mickey for list of ridesTopic Starts @5:53 ...2) Disney Genie system - Reality:- We start with a discussion of the Genie service in general and how we think the average guest will experience it (or ignore it) - Also compare Genie to Touring Plans and how this will be similar - but also differentTopic Starts @19:19 ...3) Disney Genie+/Lightning Lane$ - Strategies for when to buy:- Do we think these extra cost levels will impact our stays - e.g. - stay shorter but pay all the extras or stay longer and don't?- How best to "game" the system?- And we go through each park and discuss which rids, if any, we would pay extra specifically to rideTopic Starts @27:02 ...4) Disney Genie+ - Additional Benefits at WDW:- While Disneyland is including Photopass Downloads with their Genie+ purchases, that is not the case at WDW- Instead WDW guests get Augmented Reality lens and Audio Experiences .... we don't know exactly what that means but we have fun discussing it :o)Topic Starts @43:11 ...5) Disney Genie/Genie+/Lightning Lane - Final Thoughts:- We (attempt to) wrap it up by sharing our final thoughts on the news and discuss if (and when) we would pay for Genie+ and/or the Individual Attraction Selection upgrades - Topic Starts @49:05 ...* Reminder to like, subscribe, rate, and review the DBC Pod wherever you get your podcast *Follow us on social media:- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedbcpodcast/- Twitter: https://twitter.com/PodDbc- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DBC-Pod-113844536980530- YouTube Channel: The DBC Pod- Discord Server: DBC Server (discord.com)Note: This podcast is not affiliated with any message boards, blogs, news sites, or other podcastsMusic: https://www.purple-planet.com
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