58 minutes | Dec 1, 2020

President 7 - Andrew Jackson

There are Presidents who are important for their greatness, and Presidents who are important for ... other reasons ... but are still important. And hoo boy, does Andrew Jackson fit THAT description. The first President who had no connection to the Founding Fathers did a whole lot that has to be dealt with. So go get some of your favorite cheese - really - and join us at DB Comedy as we deal with Andrew Jackson in our own unique and entertaining (but factual) way.

This episode’s sketches were Written and Produced by:

Gina Buccola
Sandy Bykowski
Joseph Fedorko
Ramona Kywe
Sylvia Mann
Paul Moulton
And Patrick J. Reilly

The Andrew Jackson sketches were Performed by:

Gina Buccola
Sandy Bykowski
Ramona Kywe
Sylvia Mann
Paul Moulton
Patrick J. Reilly
Shawn Rosten
Tommy Spears 
And Louise Thomas

This episode’s historians: Chelsea Deanult and Laura Ashley Pearce

Original Music written and performed by Throop McClerg
Audio production by Joseph Fedorko
Sound effects procured at Freesound.org
DB Comedy Logo Designed by Adam L. Harlett
ELECTABLES logo and Presidential Caricatures by Dan Polito
THE ELECTABLES concept was created by Patrick J. Reilly.

COLD OPEN – Written by Paul Moulton

            Doctor – Ramona
            Sal – Tommy

HISTORY REPEATS – Written by Sandy Bykowski

            Sandy – Sandy
            Sylvia – Sylvia

PARTY AT ANDY’S! – Written by Joseph Fedorko

            Miss Elsie – Sandy
            Jeanine – Louise
            Delbert – Patrick
            Margaret – Sylvia
            Josephat – Paul
            Lily Mae – Ramona
            Bucyrus – Shaun
            Lulubelle – Gina

ANDREW JACKSON HATES YOUR GUTS – Written by Joseph Fedorko

            Jackson – Patrick

GNARLY’S GHOST – Written by Paul Moulton

            Mitch – Joe
            Don – Tommy
            Andrew - Patrick

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