67 minutes | May 18, 2021

President 17 - Andrew Johnson

Funny story - this is NOT the first time in American history a historically important and quotable and generally loved President was followed by a historically terrible and inarticulate and generally loathed President. Witness this episode, as Guest Historian Prof. Matthew Norman helps us explore (with our proud snark) the putridity of our first Impeached President, Andrew Johnson. Join us for the fun (whimper)!This episode’s sketches were Written and Produced by:Gina BuccolaSandy BykowskiJoseph FedorkoRamona KyweSylvia MannPaul MoultonPatrick J. ReillyAnd Tommy SpearsThis episode’s sketches were Performed by:Gina Buccola Sandy BykowskiJoseph FedorkoRamona KywePaul MoultonPatrick J. ReillyAnd Tommy SpearsThis Episode’s Historians: James McRae, and Dr. Matthew Norman Original Music written and performed by Throop McClergAudio production by Joseph FedorkoSound effects procured at Freesound.orgDB Comedy Logo Designed by Adam L. HarlettELECTABLES logo and Presidential Caricatures by Dan PolitoTHE ELECTABLES concept was created by Patrick J. Reilly.COLD OPEN – Written by Paul Moulton            Doctor – Tommy            Sam - PatrickRISING JOHNSON 1 – Written by Paul Moulton            Mrs. Selby - Ramona            Andy - Patrick RISING JOHNSON 2 – Written by Paul Moulton            Andy – Patrick            Ol’ Widow Henpeck – SandyRISING JOHNSON 3 – Written by Paul Moulton            Andy – Patrick            Seward - JosephTHE GOOD KNIFE – Written by Tommy Spears            Andy – Patrick            Leonard Farwell - PaulSTANTON STANDOFF – Written by Sandy Bykowski            Narrator - Ramona            Stanton – Patrick            Republican – Tommy            General Thomas            Grant – Joe            Helen Stanton - GinaContributions to DB Comedy are graciously accepted by going to the DB COMEDY donation page at https://fundraising.fracturedatlas.org/db-comedy, the nonprofit fiscal sponsor of DB COMEDY. Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.For more information on DB Comedy and THE ELECTABLES, visit DB Comedy’s web site, dbcomedy.com, or DB Comedy’s host page on Simplecast.com. Follow us on Facebook at DB Comedy.
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