14 minutes | Apr 8, 2021

The Modern Art Museum of Your Mind

I received a brochure for an  art museum where my thoughts were interactive works of art. There is abalone, slippers, and  a belly button in this episode, as well as a busy café where I can overhear my thoughts talking at the next table about a shrimp louie hankering. Written, narrated, and engineered by Jill Badonsky.

I'm having a giveaway.
Tag two people on my Instagram page, or share this episode on your Facebook page and tag me, and I'll put your name in a  drawing for an original thank you card painting, a facemask with my art on it, a Muse's Daydream sticker, an Awe-manac, and a Muse-powered pen.

Creative prompts to go with this Podcast
Thank you to Tara Brach for your mindfulness inspirations

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