9 minutes | Sep 21, 2021

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The nice thing about little stories is you can listen to them again and get something new the second time. I think that might be the case with this story. Our lives wax and wane but one thing remains the same, creativity is a reflection of our brightness  ... and sometimes our darkness.  This episode sheds some light on the creative process."Sometimes when we just let .. ideas go  out the window, we can practice trusting that the next idea may make us better off than we are. But I think what is truer, is that we are fine just the WAY we are. … in our darkness, our light,   our emptiness, our fullness, and each time we start over anew in whatever we do ."Written, engineered, and narrated by Jill Badonsky. Find Jill HereSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/Jillbadonsky)
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