56 minutes | Jun 5, 2020

You have to "Live Hard to be Hard" with Dan Laguna

From Blackhawk Down to recent missions in the War On Terror and for over 40 years Dan Laguna has been on the Tip of the Spear. He has overcome racial prejudice and bias without blame or finger pointing to become one of our nations most decorated, celebrated and successful warriors. He is my friend and he knows what personal loss on the battlefield looks like. He is a Chiricahua Apache American who has spent his decades of service in Special Operations. He has operated around the globe as a U.S. Army Special Forces soldier, contractor and Elite Little Bird pilot with the 160th SOAR. Dan was the program director for Blackwater Aviation and has rescued U.S. Diplomats and performed covert missions throughout his career. Hear the personal stories of danger, triumph and loss from his own voice during this interview. As I said Dan is a personal friend and one of my iconic heroes. Thank you Dan Laguna for being the kind of person to rise above racial discrimination to become one of our nations best!
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