72 minutes | Oct 25, 2020

Dave Baker Techno Sessions: October 2020

Journey away from house music and into the darker world of techno with Dave Baker. 1. System Majority (Original Mix) - Layton Giordani [Drumcode] 2. Destroy (Original Mix) - Dok & Martin, Kuvoka [Set About] 3. Kobe (Original Mix) - Hito, SUDO [Kuukou Records] 4. Under Pressure (Original Mix) - Belocca, A*S*Y*S [Fe Chrome] 5. Terminate (Original Mix) - Kadric [Reload Black Label] 6. Stand Alone Complex (Original Mix) - The Second Wave [Reload Black Label] 7. Anomaly (Original Mix) - Gaston Zani, Xenia (UA) [we(R)aw] 8. Ride (Original Mix) - ROBPM, MOTVS [Autektone Records] 9. Underground Floor (Original Mix) - Dok & Martin [ELEVATE] 10. Mad World (Original Mix) - Roberto Capuano, Luigi Madonna [Drumcode] 11. There's No One Left To Trust (Original Mix) - Charlotte de Witte [KNTXT] 12. Hyperion (Original Mix) - Stiv Hey [Set About] 13. Core (Beats) - Thomas Schumacher [Electric Ballroom] 14. The Known Universe (Original Mix) - The YellowHeads [Kraftek] 15. Break The Silence (Original Mix) - Tiger Stripes [Kneaded Pains] 16. Stuff in My Mind (Original Mix) - Milos Vujovic [IAMT]
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