107 minutes | Feb 21, 2021

Dave Baker: Melodic Techno February 2021

Twenty top techno tunes of the melodic kind, featuring Tears For Fears, Morgan Freeman and a remix of Joey Beltram’s ‘Energy Flash’ that will bring the house down! What a combination! You don’t have to be a techno fanatic to love these laidback tracks that are halfway between the monthly chillout mixes and the Techno Sessions series. 1. Soft core (Original Mix) - Stil & Bense [Project 13] 2. Rescue (Original Mix) - Vanita [KATERMUKKE] 3. Love Me Back (Original Mix) - Ucleden [EKORD] 4. Utopie (Murat Uncuoglu Remix) - Rottler, Timo Maas [Stripped Down Records] 5. Deja Vu (Original Mix) - Forest On Stasys [Harmony Rec] 6. Cramp (Original Mix) - EdOne [Bedrock Records] 7. Polaris (Original Mix) - Rokazer [Mirror Walk] 8. Neptune (Original Mix) - Aree [Mirror Walk] 9. Illusion (Raphael Mader Remix) - Roumex [Somatic Records] 10. Slowly Drowning (Betical Remix) - Eleonora, UNDERHER [IAMHER] 11. Sketch (Original Mix) - Denis Keiner, Fabian Vieregge [Dear Deer] 12. Akame (Original Mix) - Hells Kitchen, Da Fresh [Awen Records] 13. Fantasy (Original Mix) - Aree [Mirror Walk] 14. Interior Mind (Contessa Remix) - Idem Zerum [Wulfpack] 15. Immortali (Original) - Mia Mendi, OIBAF&WALLEN [Blindfold Recordings] 16. Want You to Love (Original Mix) - Freddy Be, Freaky Chakra [Monday Social Music] 17. Energy Flash - Cyan Aura [Promo, Automation Nation] RELEASE DATE: MARCH 19 18. Lacus (Original Mix) - Apo Tulup, RMNY [Whole Story Lab] 19. Magnus (Extended Mix) - Estiva [Colorize (Enhanced)] 20. Time Flies (Original Mix) - J-JAM [Kitu Records]
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