28 minutes | Mar 15, 2020

Captious (Vampires on a Fetch Quest)

This time Google picked our random work to be Captious.  Captious, of course, brought to mind petty vampires and from there we looked for all kinds of problems to cause/solve :).We're now much more comfortable in the new format where we let the gods of chaos dictate what we talk about. We're aiming for more precise shows that just "Get 'er Done". :D. Please let us know what you think of the new format.Please note: We are unscripted. We ramble. We get off topic. We are rude. We are often off color and we laugh loudly... a lot. You've been warned!If your podcast catcher of choice doesn't show the full show notes head to http://www.daveandgary.com for all the details.You can also find us on:Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DaveGaryPodcastTwitter https://twitter.com/davegarypodcast
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