22 minutes | Aug 31, 2020

Page and Jake's Takes: The Whole30 "Diet"

We're doing Whole30. We mean we're going on a diet. We mean we want to try to eliminate some foods from our diet. We mean Jake is going on a beard cleanse. Whatever you want to call it, we're doing it: Whole30. We've done minimal research. Page forgot to meal prep for work on Day 1. Jake plans to eat only chicken. We're off to an amazing start. Why are we doing it? Not really sure. We both know we could be making better dietary decisions, though, and a change has been a long time coming. Do we hope to lose weight and feel better? Of course. But long term if it helps us start to take baby steps toward healthier choices more consistently, well, that's probably the biggest win of them all. Can Jake survive 30 days with no IPAs? Can Page stand not having Rombauer and pretzel chips? Will they both be able to avoid charcuterie for a month!?!? We. Shall. See. Who else has given Whole30 a try? Any tips? Hacks? Crockpot recipes??? For past episodes of Date Night with Jake and Page please visit jakeandpage.com or wherever you get your podcasts. Please comment, like and share your favorite episodes as well. Thanks for listening!
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