72 minutes | Feb 22, 2020

Lindsay Shookus

Welcome back to Date Night! This episode marks our first threesome. OK, relax. It's not like that. It's just that we brought on our first single lady - Head of the Saturday Night Live Talent Department and the person who introduced us, Lindsay Shookus! Lindsay and Page met as freshmen at UNC (Go Heels!), and their friendship took off from there. They were roommates in Chapel Hill, and then later again a couple of years post-graduation in New York City. Both worked for NBC - Lindsay at Saturday Night Live and Page as a, yes, NBC Page - and they shared in dating successes and failures. That is until early 2005, when another mutual UNC friend connected Lindsay and Jake, who had just moved to New Jersey. Lindsay introduced Jake to Page, and the rest was history. Fast-forward 15 (WOW!) years, and Lindsay now runs the talent department for SNL, while Page and Jake got married and started a podcast. ;-) We skipped over a ton there, obviously. Lindsay got married, had a child, got divorced, had an extremely public dating experience, was followed by the paparazzi, and is now extremely happy as a single mom, dating in the city, with a very "it's normal for us" relationship with her ex, raising an awesome seven-year-old daughter. SNL is rocking along, but Lindsay's also excited about a new project (that she founded with ANOTHER fellow UNC/NYC friend Kristen Merrick!), Women Work F#cking Hard. Lindsay and Kristin's goal with the group is to bring together female leaders, entrepreneurs and overall badasses for an intimate and exclusive night of conversation. Three meet-ups in, and they've already been featured in InStyle Magazine. Decent start. Having "Shookbaby" - as our kids call her - on the pod was both a walk down memory lane and a very real look into someone who has gone through some personal ups and downs, but continues to raise the bar for herself personally and professionally. We can't wait to see what 2020 brings her. Be sure to check out Women Work F#cking Hard on Instagram at @womenworkfinghard. They have a website coming soon as well! For past episodes of Date Night with Jake and Page please visit jakeandpage.com or wherever you get your podcasts. Please comment, like and share your favorite episodes as well. Thanks for listening! *Please note that this episode contains adult language*
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