66 minutes | Jul 24, 2020

Cris "The Batchmaker" & Pablo Agurcia

If you live in Charlotte, you just read the headline to this podcast and IMMEDIATELY got hungry. That's right, The Batchmaker is in the building! We were thrilled to welcome Cris and Pablo Agurcia to the podcast for this episode. We've been trying to get Cris - aka The Batchmaker - on for months, but she can barely come up for air with how popular her business has become. But first, a bit of the back story... Cris and Pablo are high school sweethearts from Honduras, which, upon her finding out, nearly sent Page into a lather. She - fun fact - spent two years there immediately following college for Peace Corps. They moved to the states, got married, Pablo found an amazing job, and Cris launched the uber-successful Batchmaker. Oh, if it was only that easy. We learned more about immigration than we did desserts in this episode! Cris and Pablo shared their amazing story, which included choosing to move to Charlotte, because...why not? Truly, they knew no one here. Knew nothing about the city, and yet here they are. Incredible. Cris' humility is off the charts. Her storefront has been open six months, and she literally sells out of her sweets every week. She still doesn't think it's real. Pablo's her biggest fan. They got two amazing kids. They're about as cute as it gets. Check out Cris at @thebatchmaker and Pablo, a local Creative Director, at @pagurcia. For past episodes of Date Night with Jake and Page please visit jakeandpage.com or wherever you get your podcasts. Please comment, like and share your favorite episodes as well. Stay safe, everyone, and thanks for listening!
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