41 minutes | Feb 26, 2021

Parenting with emotional intelligence

Unfortunately Emotional intelligence isn't taught in school even though it is as important as our "Intelligence Quotient" if not more. It is so significant in fact, that without the appropriate emotional state your analytic brain can't even function properly. That's the reason why I invite my guest Trina Casey to chat with me. She is the founder and host of the EQaboveIQ podcast where she teaches about the parenting with emotional intelligence and the need to grow our inner child up.     About my guest: Trina Casey is an international traveler and educator from California, who currently resides in Amsterdam and has taught and lived in Italy, Indonesia and many other countries. She uses her gift of storytelling to write and publish children's books, teach a writing course, and hosts a podcast called EQaboveIQ: Parenting with Emotional Intelligence and Healing the Inner Child. All of these platforms teach the Five Principles of Emotional Intelligence. Trina is confident that utilizing these principles can change the world by teaching us how to parent with compassion while reparenting our inner child!  You can Reach Trina at: https://www.instagram.com/this_real_life_books https://thisreallifebooks.com/coaching/ Haven't claimed your FREE "BACK TO PEACE KIT FOR MOMS" yet? Get it here                              
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