41 minutes | Mar 12, 2021

Hope for moms with self-destructive teens with Firefighter turned Mental Health Coach Thomas M Wurm

Does your teen act out in self-destructive ways with drugs and alcohol? There is always hope! Today my guest tells us s a beautiful victory story that will inspire you and give you that hope! At the age of 15 Thomas almost killed himself with drugs and alcohol. This experience led him to a NDE, a turning point in his life. As we went back into his story, we talked about the huge price of miss-managed anger that our teens and our relationships pay. He shared his experience of being a sensitive kid who was going through emotions that were so intense that he try to suppress them by self-medicating in dangerous ways. May be that's your teen too? Fortunately he was able to pivot and embark on a spiritual and self-discovery quest that not only saved his life but transformed into someone who now helps and inspires others. "The biggest problem about finding freedom from anxiety is that you're not consciously aware of the root cause" Thomas M. Wurm  You can reach Thomas at: https://www.mountainmindtricks.com Don't forget your FREE BACK TO PEACE KIT FOR MOMS www.singlemomsdoingitall.com
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