62 minutes | Jan 17th 2021

Episode 52: Graph Databases In Action with Dave Bechberger

Show Notes(2:10) Dave talked briefly about his Electrical Engineering study at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute back in the late 90s.(4:03) Dave commented on his career phase working as a software engineer across various companies in Bozeman, Montana.(7:38) Dave discussed his work as a senior architect and tech lead at Expero, a Houston-based startup that develops custom software exclusively for domain-expert users.(11:26) Dave briefly defined common big data frameworks (Hadoop, Apache Spark) and databases (Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka).(13:37) Dave went over the challenges during his time as a chief software architect at Gene by Gene, a biotech company focusing on DNA-based ancestry and genealogy.(20:00) Dave shared the common patterns and anti-patterns of using graph databases (in reference to his talk “A Practical Guide to Graph Databases”).(26:16) Dave walked through the three categories of graph technologies: Graph Computing Engine, RDF TripleStore, and Labeled Property Graph (in reference to his talk “A Skeptics Guide to Graph Databases”).(33:03) Dave discussed his move to DataStax’s Global Graph Practice team as a solutions architect and graph database subject matter expert.(36:00) Dave explained the design of DataStax’s enterprise solution called Customer 360, which collapses data silos to drive business value.(41:16) Dave talked about his current experience as a Senior Graph Architect at AWS.(43:51) Dave mentioned the challenges while writing "Graph Databases In Action" (published last October).(47:25) Dave explained the open-source Apache TinkerPop framework and the Gremlin language used in the book for the uninitiated.(51:04) Dave discussed trends in big data and distributed systems that he is most excited about.(55:06) Closing segment.His Contact InfoWebsiteTwitterLinkedInGitHubHis Recommended Resources"Graph Databases In Action" (Associated Code Repository)Martin Fowler (Founder of ThoughtWorks)Martin Kleppmann (Author of "Designing Data-Intensive Applications")Andrew Ng (Professor at Stanford, Co-Founder of Google Brain and Coursera, Ex-Chief Scientist at Baidu)"Pragmatic Programmer" (by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas)"The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team" (by Patrick Lencioni)"How To Observe Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems" (by Randall Munroe)This is the 40% discount code that is good for all Manning's products in all formats: poddcast19.These are 5 free eBook codes, each good for one copy of "Graph Databases In Action":gdadcr-E55Fgdadcr-B896gdadcr-8C53gdadcr-AAE1gdadcr-39F0
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