32 minutes | Jun 8, 2021

3 Projects That Can Make You a Household* Name

*Household name is a bit of exaggeration – but certainly a known name in the ML community. Today we are joined by Alex Beutel, KDD Cup co-chair and senior staff research scientist & tech lead / manager at Google to discuss the three projects for this year’s KDD Cup. It’s amazing the diversity in these projects and possible ways to solve it. Even if you didn’t get a chance to officially enter the competition this year, think about how you would solve it, and then listen to how the winners of the contest were able to achieve top scores. These are the three projects that we discuss during the show: https://compete.hexagon-ml.com/practice/competition/39/https://ogb.stanford.edu/kddcup2021/http://www.yunqiacademy.org/ “… KDD 2021, the longest running and largest interdisciplinary conference on data science where the biggest names in the industry and academia come together to drive innovation in AI, machine learning, computer vision and more. Originally planned to take place in Singapore, the conference will be 100% virtual this year. As an added bonus, organizers will offer key content twice, on eight-hour intervals to ensure equitable access across time zones.” Okay, I borrowed that last part from one of their press releases but if you don’t know KDD, you better ask somebody.
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