70 minutes | Jan 7, 2021

Trustee Sale Investing After SB1079 with Greg Clark, Green Leaf Properties #ddre28

Greg Clark is a Bay Area professional football player turned trustee sale investor. He and his brother have successfully flipped over 400 properties over the past 17 years. California's SB 1079 went into effect on January 21, drastically changing the risks associated with trustee sale foreclosure investing. In this show, Sean and Aaron explore alternatives for trustee sale investors looking for other opportunities and ways they can bring their very unique skills (chocolate) to other strategies, right here in California.  Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-28 Trustee sale investor clients, please feel free to use the community for questions. Also email support@propertyradar.com to reach Sean. 00:00 The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Greg Clark, of Green Leaf Properties.01:24 Greg's journey from a professional football player to trustee sale buyer06:25 The importance of data in the trustee sale game09:56 How SB1079 and the redemption period is impacting real estate investors?17:26 California rents are the lowest in the nation?23:01 What will strategies will trustee sale buyers use if they exit foreclosure investing?24:48 Importance of title research, risks, and how that translates to other opportunities26:34 Unique skills that trustee sale buyers bring to other strategies30:40  How many houses a trustee sale buyer researches to buy just one investment33:26 Leveraging existing systems into new strategies46:33 Working with wholesalers and where to find them42:38 Have they tried to jump to other states?53:04 Driving for dollars and finding real estate deals
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