60 minutes | Mar 11th 2021

Tax Lien Investing and Land Banking with Sean Walker, Response #DDRE37

Sean Walker is an experienced real estate investor that has done thousands of flips using strategies including land banking and tax liens. He’s strategically used data to grow his business over the years, even when it involved painfully combing through microfiche data with a pen and paper. Learn how Sean selects the areas to invest, strategies he's deployed, what he's doing today, and how he's used data to uncover the opportunity.Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-37 00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Sean Walker of Response.com02:02​ Sean's unusual path into real estate investing07:16​ Over 3,500 tax lien and $30 million in tax lien investing and what made it possible (hint: data!) 10:00​ Example of costly mistakes in data12:24​ Land banking, timing, and sourcing land14:11​ Seller financing land for investors and consumers 18:24​ Data clues in identifying potential markets to invest20:54​ Desperate for data, Sean's plan to get more to avoid costly land mistakes and speed up drive-bys22:22​ From microfiche to today, how the data game has changed30:50​ What data are they looking at to decide on which property is a good investment30:50​ What data does Sean look at in a down cycle like the Great Recession33:19​ The mistake investors make with CAP rates42:18​ How does Sean explore other markets for investments and not in his backyard? 43:44​ The 100 tiny home project with containers53:12​ Ways to build relationships with money investors57:37​ The painful past of data curation, microfiche, and messy public records collection
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