58 minutes | Feb 25th 2021

Real Estate Marketing with Dawn Perry, Realogy #DDRE35

Dawn Perry is Senior Vice President of Cross Brand Strategic Marketing at Realogy Holdings Corp. She leads cross-brand marketing initiatives for Realogy including the integration of marketing, communication, brand advertising, and other strategic partnerships across the Realogy family of brands. This week, Dawn shares details on how one of the world's largest real estate brands is investing in marketing and technology, how consumers are driving the conversation around ibuying and bridge programs, and how agents in 2021 are staying in front of their hyperlocal clients to grow business. Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-35​ 00:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Dawn Perry, Senior Vice President of Cross Brand Strategic Marketing at Realogy01:52​ What is Realogy? 03:13​ How Realogy's multiple brands connect with consumers?06:58​ How does an agent stay connected with a buyer after the close to nurture that relationship?09:45​ Realogy's investment in technology and Productivity Hub15:35​ What data does Realogy leverage to help brands and brokers? 17:47​ Realogy's ibuyer program, RealSure, and other consumer-driven trends25:17​ Where are real estate leads coming from in 202137:13​ Team trends in real estate39:59​ What does it take to be a successful individual agent?42:33​ How did COVID change the buyer's journey and needs?46:25​ Three rebrands and how agents and consumers are reacting51:40​ What should agents stop doing and start doing in 2021.
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