57 minutes | Jan 21st 2021

Real Estate Direct Mail Trends 2021 with Andy Detwiler PRINTgenie #DDRE30

Direct mail and technology don't seem to go together, but this week, we welcome Andy Detwiler with Printgenie and GoBig Printing. Andrew brings 30 years of design and technological expertise in both print advertising and web mediums. He was part of the team that built the very first on-demand, variable printing system. More recently, his team launched one-off mail capabilities. Don't miss this week as we explore trends in the direct mail space, the importance of great data, how better data leads to empathetic messaging, and new ways hyperlocal pros are dynamic data to create personalized and powerful campaigns that work.Get your questions answered on the upcoming show by posting your questions in our community: https://bit.ly/ddre-3000:00​ The Data Driven Real Estate Podcast Welcomes Andy Detwiler from GoBig Printing and PRINTgenie00:06​ What is PRINTgenie's ideal customer?04:25​ How does direct mail changed over time?06:34​ What percentage of total revenue should I be spending on marketing?07:54​ What rate of return should my direct mail marketing produce?13:15​ The list, the mailer, or the message? What's the most critical piece in direct mail campaign?19:59​ Do small businesses require lots of data therapy?27:18​ It's possible to trigger a single mail piece from dynamic data?31:55​ What is variable printing?45:28​ What makes up a good message? 54:04​ What are direct mail marketing trends we should watch in 2021?
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