69 minutes | Feb 17, 2020

"Hunting for Good Gatherings" with Lindsey Caplan

Kat and Alex talk with Lindsey Caplan about her work on helping us to gather more effectively. We discuss Lindsey's journey discovering that she needed to do this work and begin to turn it into a book. She shares some insights into why gatherings can feel like a let down to those gathered and shares some tips to gatherers about how to be more intentional when you organize a gathering (or if you even need one). Also, smelling people? 

Lindsey Caplan

Lindsey Caplan has been gathering people for over 15 years — first to entertain, as a comedy writer in Hollywood, then to educate for companies like DreamWorks Animation and McKinsey, and now to transform as an organizational psychologist as the Head of Talent Development for successful Silicon Valley companies like Zendesk and Credit Karma. She earned a Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Creative Writing for the Media from Northwestern University. She helps companies drive organizational change by applying lessons in gathering from entertainment, education, and business. Lindsey is currently writing a book on “Gathering”.

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Learn more at lindseycaplan.com or share your research examples here https://lindseycaplan.com/contact/.

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The Gathering Effect: Leading others through change that lasts


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