61 minutes | Jul 7, 2021

52. Seeing What You Saw for the First Time: Corey Rosen on choices, resiliency, and POV

Corey Rosen, author of Your Story, Well Told joins Kat and Livia.  As much of the USA transitions out of pandemic mode, life becomes all about adapting to the "new normal."  From his unique perspective as an improviser and story coach, Corey supplies some valuable techniques for those times when we need some fresh new ideas--now. Corey coaches  people to find the essence of  their personal stories, sometimes with radical edits. This bold approach often yields unexpected learning, surprising strategies,  and valuable insights.  If that weren't enough, here's a bonus: perhaps you've been thinking about (dreading?)  resuming your dating life. Corey has some thoughts on reducing that awkwardness, as well. Give it a listen! 
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