22 minutes | May 21, 2020

‘’You can't even tell the story of what happened to you unless you want to breach your agreement and be open to being sued’’ | Gretchen & Senator Gillibrand

In 2016, Gretchen Carlson made headlines around the world when she was demoted and subsequently fired from Fox News after refusing sexual advances from her boss, Roger Ailes. Her story was the catalyst which prompted numerous women to come forward with similar allegations. Many of whom had been forced into secret arbitration to settle their complaints and as a result got swept under the rug. Both Gretchen and Senator Gillbrand have been champions of The Fair Act, which eliminates forced arbitration clauses in employment, consumer and civil rights cases, and allows consumers and workers to agree to arbitration after a dispute occurs. In this episode, the two women sit down to discuss workplace sexual assault and harassment as a bipartisan issue and how to create safer and fairer workplaces for people across the country.Hosted by MJ Rodriguez, Dare I Say is a podcast from HarpersBAZAAR.com and Edit Audio Inc. that sits in on unfiltered conversations between the most influential women of our time. They are daring to make the difference we deserve.
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