36 minutes | May 28, 2020

‘’Women are perceived to become liabilities the moment they become mothers. And that's just not true.’’ | Analisa & Kweilin

Having women participate in the economy at an identical rate as men would boost the world's economy annually by approximately $28 trillion. Yet, gender equality is still something that needs to be fought for in workplaces around the world. Kweilin Ellingrud, a senior partner at McKinsey where she leads gender equality research, sits with Analisa Balares, CEO and founder of Womensphere and commissioner of the women's refugee commission, to discuss why gender equality is not a zero-sum game, how we can encourage future generations of workers to champion women’s empowerment, and what companies can do to attract and maintain a diverse workforce.Hosted by MJ Rodriguez, Dare I Say is a podcast from HarpersBAZAAR.com and Edit Audio Inc. that sits in on unfiltered conversations between the most influential women of our time. They are daring to make the difference we deserve. 
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