1 minutes | Mar 1, 2019

Introducing Dare I Say

From Texas to D.C. to Los Angeles, we traveled across the country to sit down with activists who seek the truth, leaders who speak truth to power, and role models who encourage us to live our truth, for honest conversations we’d otherwise never be privy to. Whether it’s dissecting the reality behind LGBTQIA rights with Laverne Cox and Rosario Dawson, or delving into the unapologetic lack of diversity in the fashion industry with models Candice Huffine and Precious Lee, our guests say what others don’t dare to. Transcript: Olivia Wilde This is Dare I Say, a podcast from Harper’s Bazaar, where we sit in on unfiltered conversations between the most influential women of our time: those daring to make the difference we deserve. I’m your host, Olivia Wilde. I got involved in this project because I’ve personally learned the most from listening to seasoned activists talk about their experiences. Only by stepping outside our echo chambers can we collectively become more effective agents of change. We become more powerful when we connect. We are women who dare. [music] OW Season One of Dare I Say will be available on all podcast platforms this International Women’s Day, March 8th. [music]
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