35 minutes | May 7, 2020

‘’Democracy Can’t Thrive in Chaos.’’ | Jane & Peggy

On September 20, 2019, the Global Climate Strike brought together approximately 4 million people around the world to fight for environmental justice, making it the largest environmental protest in history. Time is running out on how long the disastrous effects of climate change can continue to be ignored by those in charge. Jane Fonda has been arrested five times during climate protests on Capitol Hill as she stepped out of her comfort zone to stand with young people in their fight for a clean future. Here, the actress and activist sits down with Peggy Shepard at Dare I Say’s first live event in New York to discuss civil disobedience, the Green New Deal, resilience, and why it’s important for women to lead the climate conversation.Hosted by MJ Rodriguez, Dare I Say is a podcast from HarpersBAZAAR.com and Edit Audio Inc. that sits in on unfiltered conversations between the most influential women of our time. They are daring to make the difference we deserve. With special thanks and acknowledgement to American Express and Saks Fifth Avenue. 
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