47 minutes | Aug 19th 2019

Daniela VonArx: End of Life Doula

If you missed Part 1 of my conversation with Daniela, listen to it here!

In this episode, Nada and Daniela discuss: 

  1. What an end of life doula is.
  2. What spirit guides are and how they show up for us.
  3. The importance of simply being open to a new way of thinking, even if you don’t believe it; the willingness to be open is most important.
  4. Why we feel disconnected from ourselves, our souls, and others.
  5. How and why animals are different when they know they are going to cross over. 
  6. How we stay connected to those who have crossed over, whether a person or a pet.

  Key takeaways: 

  • Spirit guides and angelic beings are not the same, and we all have them!
  • Life, as one exists, is so much more than what we see with our physical eyes, and we have a “knowing” of it.
  • We are not here by ourselves; we are never alone!
  • We are strongly affected by the power and tone of words: killed vs passed away vs crossed over.
  • Allowing ourselves to ask “What if?” can open up new connections: “What if I could still have a connection with that person or animal that has crossed over?”
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