53 minutes | Oct 6th 2020

The Revealing

Are you feeling tired, fearful, hopeless, and discouraged with the current state of affairs in our nation at this time?  In today’s episode Bill and Lynda Faught share a powerful vision God gave Lynda in 2010*. This vision is a right now, current word from God. God is Sovereign and He knew 11 years ago what the future would hold even if we didn’t. And He knows everything we are facing today in 2020.  We need not fear, but we must look to Him and trust Him. This episode will infuse you with courage and hope. This Episode is FIRE and a MUST watch/listen.

*On the podcast episode we said the open vision occurred in 2009, but Bill and Lynda both confirmed it was actually 2010.


You can find the prophetic vision here: https://legacyofworship.com/#open-vision

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You can get a copy of his book and connect with Dr. Bill & Lynda through their website at: www.legacyofworship.com