41 minutes | Jun 5, 2020

What is website visitor tracking and how you can use it?

In this episode I talk to Carol from Leadfeeder about website visitor tracking in B2B.We often lose potential leads because we are unaware that they visited our site. But with the ability to match IP addresses with company data, we can see which companies are potentially interested in our services.In B2B, every lead is valuable. With Leadfeeder's website visitor tracking, you have access to data you can’t see in Google Analytics (which companies visited your site, their size, industry, location, and so on).Coupled with CRM and Zappier integration, you can then do some cool stuff such as finding out if an old client is shopping around for a vendor, or seeing when your proposals are being reviewed by your prospective client.If you want to support this channel and give Leadfeeder a try, please use my link: https://leadfeeder.grsm.io/dvpodcastFollow Me Online Here:------------------------------------------------------LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/artemdaniliants/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artem.daniliantsTwitter: http://twitter.com/artemdWebsite: http://www.daniliants.com
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