31 minutes | Jun 2, 2020

E18 – Infant Massage (With Disha Gehani)

Disha Gehani is a Certified Instructor of Infant Massage (IAIM – International Association of Infant Massage) and Educator on nurturing touch and bonding for new and expectant parents. She is the Founder of TinyTouch, and works towards educating parents and caregivers on the importance of nurturing touch and secure attachment for newborns and toddlers. She conducts sessions for expectant and new parents in private as well as group settings.  At TinyTouch, we believe babies are aware human beings who deserve respect, tenderness, warmth & above all a listening heart. We believe in supporting parents in the love for their babies. For more information or enquiry: Email: tinytouchjc@gmail.com Call: +1 2015657001 Instagram: https://instagram.com/tinytouchjc
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