32 minutes | Jul 12, 2016

9: Experimentation, Innovation, Managing Risk - Part 1 - Chuck Durfee

In episode 1 of a 3 part conversation with Chuck Durfee, Scrum Master, Agile Denver Board Member Emeritus, recent MBA graduate, recovering developer, and friend of neon tapirs everywhere, we discuss the following. His 6 year history with Agile Denver, and the evolution of the Mile High Agile conference. His experience as a Scrum Master, and his first experiment with Agile Scrum. His early revelations with Agile. Startup like experiences and the evolutionary path of backlog refinement. War Rooms, Kanban style boards, tracking, and flow optimization. The invaluable practice of asking questions. Grassroots idea generation and dispersion. His intuitive way of uncovering motivations. Enticing people to apply their interests in new ways. Developing cross-functional teams and organizations. Leveraging transferrable skill sets, and cross-training. Enhancing empathy by getting developers to think from a customer's point of view. Developing a vocabulary from patterns, and how doing things empirically makes it difficult to name what you are doing. Collaboration, Paul Raynor, and the need to develop a ubiquitous (shared) language. Design Thinking. Domain Driven Design. Cross-training, and the development of multidisciplinary teams and organizations. Experimentation, Innovation, Managing Risk. And now welcome to the first episode of a 3 part conversation with Chuck Durfee.
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