28 minutes | Jun 4, 2016

5: Starting From Where the Learner Sits - Part 1 - Erika Lenz

In episode 1 of a 4 part conversation with Erika Lenz, Scrum Master, and former poet, evolutionary biologist, and tutor, we discuss Amy C. Edmondson's term “psychological safety”, the need for logical explanations when dealing with engineers and the C-suite, employing an intuitive approach to team building, apolitical engineers, difficulties encountered by first time Scrum Masters, the primacy of trust in social situations, overcoming rejection, Jane Goodall and primatology, superorganisms and E.O.Wilson, interpreting body language and the risk in over-projecting, the benefits of honesty, the kinesthetic experience of working on well-functioning teams, and the skills learned through tutoring. [Note: Re-posted due to technical issues with iTunes]
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