87 minutes | Sep 15, 2016

15: Making the Very Complex... Awesomely Simple – John Spence

I was very fortunate to have spoken with John Spence. John is one of the top 100 business thought leaders and one of the top 500 leadership development experts in the world. He is an international keynote speaker and management consultant, and has written seven books on business and life success. Along with Sergey Brin, Larry Page and Jeff Bezos, John was listed as one of American Management Association’s Leaders to Watch in 2015. In a free-form conversation, we covered a myriad of topics, including the following: the biggest problem that companies face, the components of great cultures, the evolution of leadership in business, and potential responses to the massive technological disruption which we are now undergoing. We had a blast. John's infectious laughter made the interview an absolute joy. The Agile and Beyond website, agileandbeyond.co, is now live. To see the show notes for this interview, please visit the site. And without further ado please welcome to my conversation with John Spence.
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