37 minutes | Sep 12, 2016

14: Experimentation, Innovation, Managing Risk - Part 3 - Chuck Durfee

In the final episode of a 3 part conversation with Chuck Durfee, Scrum Master, and Agile Denver Board Member Emeritus, recent MBA graduate, recovering developer, and friend of neon tapirs everywhere, we discuss the following. Why he got his MBA. How he moved from a fascination with computers and software to process and people. Leadership Styles. Agile, ethics and the making of morally just decisions. Power distribution in Agile organizations. Incurring technical debt ethically. Political correctness, and the stunting of healthy conversations with the other. Lowering thresholds of pain and sensitivity. How the Political Correctness movement went to far. Avoiding Cargo Cult Agile, and why the process needs the mindset. The failure to teach Millennials good skills for handling conflict. The creative process, and the need to explore failure. The way Agile is transforming the world of work. The problems with matrix management. Allowing Agile to flourish, by eliminating constraints around teams. Chuck's workplace Nirvana, the kind of organization Chuck would like to build, his Dream Team, and his role. How diverse ideas and even conflict help a team to make a better product or service. NANO WRIMO (National Novel Writing Month), and his often humorous experiences in writing fiction... including a romantic drama. How early design choices shape the final product. And now welcome to the final episode of a 3 part conversation with Chuck Durfee. If you wish to learn more about Agile Denver. You can connect with the organization on LinkedIn, and follow Agile Denver on Twitter at @agiledenver. To learn about future meetings, search for Agile Denver on meetup.com at Meetup.com/AgileDenver.
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