73 minutes | Aug 2, 2016

11: A Retrospective of Spotify's Squad Health Check - Todd Galloway

Some weeks ago I met with Todd Galloway, Scrum Master with Square Two Financial. Todd has a passion for helping teams to improve, assessing their health, and helping them get where they need to be. For Todd a lot of fundamentals go into helping teams to deliver value sustainably. In our discussion we addressed the following: The Agile Denver Scrum Master Guild. Spotify's Squad Health Check (also known as a Team Health Check). Todd's experience with the Team Health Check. Coaching questions, lively discussions, and learning. His recommended frequency for doing Squad Health Checks. The Health Check questions with which his teams struggled most. The challenge in motivating teams when a compelling mission is absent. How powerful questions can help your teams to improve their creativity and collaboration. End of Sprint pressure and problems with Scrum. Scrum, Kanban, and Scrumban. Bottlenecks and the need for greater flow. The power in making commitments and setting clear and unifying goals. Trust and information biases. The importance in discussing the results of the Team Health Check during the same session. Assessing team health in low trust environments. And much more. And now welcome to my discussion with Todd Galloway.
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