100 minutes | Jul 30, 2016

10: A Deficit in Visionary Leadership - Michael Rocharde and Jesse Pearlman

In a wide-ranging 3 way conversation with Jesse Pearlman, Agilist and Customer Success Manager at CA Technologies and former U.S. Marine, and my business partner Michael Rocharde, a Business Transformation Consultant and former intelligence officer in the British Army, we discussed leadership, leadership style comparisons, servant leadership, leadership crises, raising and supporting servant leaders in a corporate world, and leadership in government. While recognizing that positive change (even if revolutionary) is on the horizon, we examined some of the most persistent and destructive problems of our time. We covered the following: The deficit in visionary leadership. Unchecked capitalism, economic disparity and avarice behavior. The rupture in the American political economy. True change and grassroots leadership. Visionary leadership vs. a management and survival mindset. The legalization of corruption and the absence of leadership. The prioritization of shareholders over customers, employees, and citizens. Prospects for the current system. Collaborative social enterprises. Soulless greed, the rapaciousness of unregulated capitalism. and the coming revolution. Benefitting everyone. The resiliency of collaboratively made decisions. Responsive startups and slow-moving behemoths. People vs. profit. Transparency, clearing interference and enabling teams. Leading, inspiring, and motivating. Worker empowerment and Michael Moore's latest film “Where to Invade Next.” Exhaustion with corporate governance. Technological expansion. Tackling the biggest problems. 7th Generation and the Iroquois Nation Principles. High-performing teams. America's lack of a clear and unifying goal. Technology and its negative effects on culture. America's broken institutions. The Coming Change. Corporations and their destructive effects on families and community. Millennials and the restoration of collaboration and communal living. The end of meritocracy. Corporate welfare and artificial life support. Corporate predation. The benefit of staying small. Thoughtless Economic Disruption. AI and Automation -- producing more with less people. Creating realities and intrinsic motivation. Experimenting, inspecting and adapting. Innovation and Breaking Things. Liberating People from Institutional Abuse. Aligning the needs of people and enterprises. Brainstorming and Masterminds. The Screwed-up American Education System. Critical Thinking and Self-Knowledge. Classic corporate governance and Subordination. Freedom, entrepreneurship, and the risk of failure. Winning with style and negative leadership styles. Strength, submission, and vulnerability. Elevating others and paying if forward. The only things that matter - our planet and our human connections. Life under state-capitalism: atomization, isolation, and distrust. The American Cultural Myth – you too can become a billionaire! The End of Retirement, Millennials, and Student Debt. The Death of Corporate Loyalty. Critical thinking skills, leadership, and the importance of chess. Socrates and change. Questioning habitual thought patterns. America's most persistent boxes: Fear, Uncertainty, and the Military-industrial Complex. State supported capitalism and violence. Innovation, government subsidies, and the war machine. Fear and xenophobia.
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