53 minutes | May 21st 2019

Johnson & Johnson’s Chief Customer Officer, Chester Twigg, on Meeting the Challenges of a Shifting Global Market [Episode 11]

Chester Twigg is the Global Chief Customer Officer of Johnson and Johnson and under this title, he oversees J&J’s Global Commercial Strategy, while maximizing growth and value within the company on a global level.

Chester joined Johnson & Johnson from Procter & Gamble, where he spent over 25 years. At P&G he led sales for a massive global category that included baby, feminine and family care products and he also ran the global AS Watson customer account. This role took him across the world including all over the US, China, India, Singapore and Europe.  

Chester holds an MBA in Marketing and a Bachelor of Commerce and Economics from the University of Mumbai, India. He is a fascinating and incredibly accomplished person with a deeply global sensibility and we were very honored to speak with him.

We covered A LOT of ground in this conversation, including:

  • The value of keeping a large company like J&J agile and why it’s a critical part of keeping pace with market trends and consumer demands that are constantly changing at an accelerated rate.
  • The challenges of deriving actionable insights from the vast amounts of consumer-related data that brands have access to in an age where consumers expect personalized experiences.
  • Chester’s advice for future generations of marketers who want to remain competent and competitive in the brand workforce (hint, it all comes down to curiosity and constant learning).



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