30 minutes | Feb 6th 2020

Capital One Public Relations Director Sukhi Sahni on Insight-Driven PR [Episode 16]

Welcome to Damn Good Brands.  Today we’re talking to Director of PR at Capital One, Sukhi Sahni.  Sukhi, she was added to The Holmes Report’s Innovator Twenty-Five list of top PR movers-and-shakers and prior to joining Capital One, Sukhi worked in Communications at Sprint Nextel and before that she was a part of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. We discussed a lot of things, but primarily Sukhi will be sharing with us her thoughts on insights-driven PR and her work on Capital One’s Purpose Project; a fascinating creative initiative that focuses on the many ways card users are rethinking the power of travel as a vehicle for personal change and improvement. All of that and so much more on this week’s episode of Damn Good Brands. Now, please give it up, for Sukhi Sahni, PR Director at Capital One, in conversation with Lippe Taylor president, Paul Dyer.   Key Links: Capital One Sukhi Sahni Purpose Project PESO model ----- Produced by Simpler Media
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