7 minutes | Jul 29, 2021

Better User Experience Results In Business Success

KUALA LUMPUR, July 29:  Getting to the crux of the matter is often something that is preached by many companies. 
On the other hand, as the common business mantra goes, time is money and for that reason solving a problem as quickly as possible is usually the most tempting option, even if it only means a short-term reprieve. 
However, this is just like pushing a pawn on a chessboard, wherein most circumstances it is the weakest move a company can make for their customer experiences, whether for external customers or internal customers. 
Better user experiences mean money.
Customer and employee satisfaction, brand loyalty, conversion rates, churn reduction as well as staff productivity, always make businesses better and more profitable in the long run. 
Imagine being an internet service provider with a call centre that is constantly ringing off the hook with numerous problems regarding disruption, bad service and so on. 
Callers are often subjected to long waits over the phone, causing them to feel even more frustrated than they already are. 
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