43 minutes | Jun 15, 2021

Yoma 65 - June 15, 5 Tamuz

Study Guide Yoma 65

Today's daf is sponsored by the Wilchek family in memory of their son Ozi on his fifth yahrzeit. And by Gitta Neufeld in memory of her father on his yahrzeit, Yosef ben Menachem Mendel v’Pesha, Phillip Jaroslawicz. And by Harriet Hartman in memory of her husband Moshe ben Yehuda Aryeh z"l. "I wish we had been able to learn Daf Yomi together, and I hope my learning is helpful to his nishama." And by Rabbi Michael & Alexis Singer. "Mazel Tov to our daughter Miriam on her graduation from Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy. We wish her continued success at List College & Columbia University. We are so proud of you as you keep up your study of Talmud." And by Sharon Russ for the refuah shleima of Ruchama Adina bat Mazal Shifra Chaya Tova. "Ruchama is G- d willing, having surgery this morning. May we hear good news and may she have a speedy complete recovery!"

The gemara raises several questions from various lines in our mishna on Rav and Rabbi Yochanan's approaches regarding a case where two lotteries are needed (if one animal dies) - which one is sacrificed and which one is left to graze. Each question is answered. On what points does Rabbi Yehuda disagree with the rabbis? The gemara explains his approach. The gemara raises a contradiction between two other statements of Rabbi Yehuda - one regarding someone who paid double for this year's half-shekel payment - it can be used for the next year. The other is regarding two goats or bulls for Yom Kippur that were both designated for the same sacrifice (as one got lost and was then found, after the other had been chosen) and Rabbi Yehuda doesn't allow it to be left for next year. Why the difference? The gemara brings several answers (4 on this page) and they are all rejected. 

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