44 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

Yoma 64 - June 14, 4 Tamuz

Study Guide Yoma 64

Presentation - Goats

This week of learning is sponsored by Yael & Mark Shayne in honor of their daughter, Dr. Elizabeth Shayne, who is receiving semicha from Yeshivat Maharat tomorrow. "We are proud of her accomplishments and thrilled to watch her evolve; but we are also excited to see how she continues to develop and contribute to Klal Yisrael. Yashar koach and Mazal tov."

Today's daf is sponsored by Ilana Fund in honor of her mother Rena Barta on her birthday tomorrow. "Mazal Tov and Happy Birthday Eema! So proud and inspired to be joining you on your daf yomi journey from halfway around the world. I am looking forward to being able to learn with in you person this summer, beezrat Hashem. I love you." And in memory of Yaakov ben Meir, Rabbeinu Tam. 

What happens if one of the goats dies? A new lottery is performed. If the goat for Azazel dies, what happens to the two goats that were designated for Hashem? Which one is sacrificed and what happens to the other. Rav and Rabbi Yochanan disagree and their debate depends on their opinion regarding whether or not animals that get rejected remain rejected or not. From where is each opinion derived? Tannaitic sources are brought to support each opinion.



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