46 minutes | Jun 13, 2021

Yoma 63 - June 13, 3 Tamuz

Study Guide Yoma 63

Today's daf is sponsored anonymously in memory of HaRav Menachem Mendel ben Levi Yitzhak, the Lubavitcher Rebbe. 

According to Rav Chisda, if an animal is considered "missing an action associated with it," if one slaughters it outside, one would not be obligated for slaughtering outside the Temple. Therefore, one would not be obligated for offering outside the Temple peace offerings before the opening of the Sanctuary doors. A contradiction is brought regarding Rav Chisda's halacha that regarding the goats, one would be obligated, even though it is missing an action, as it can potentially be used for the musaf offering of a goat. Does Rav Chisda use the halachic principle "ho'il" - 'since it can be potentially valid'? Where does Rav Chisda hold that we don't use that principle? If a Pesach is offered not in its proper time (not on the fourteenth of Nisan) outside the Temple, is one obligated for slaughtering outside the Temple? Does it depend on whether he intended it as a Pesach or as a peach offering? Three opinions are brought. The goat that is sent to Azazel is excluded from laws of slaughtering outside the Temple, however, is included in other laws - must be sanctified only once it is eight days old and cannot be brought from a blemished animal.

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