44 minutes | Jun 10, 2021

Yoma 60 - Rosh Chodesh Tamuz, June 10, 30 Sivan

Study Guide Yoma 60

A week of learning is sponsored by Sivya and Nahum Twersky in honor of Shoshana Baker's milestone birthday. "May Hashem grant her arichut yamim in good health with her beautiful family. There is so much nachat left to come. We are so very proud of her commitment to Torah, Avodah v.Gemilut Chasadim. Hamaevin Yavin. All of our love and admiration, Mom and Abba."

Today's daf is sponsored by Mark Baker in honor of his wife's Shoshana's birthday. Wishing her the happiest birthday to his beautiful wife. And by Gitta Jaroslawicz-Neufeld for the refuah sheleima of David ben Adel and all that need health.

Is it really true always that once the mitzva is complete, there are no laws on misuse of consecrated property? After all, there are exceptions like the trumat hadeshen, removal of the ashes – once there are placed in the pile, they remain there and can’t be used. How is this issue resolved? Why was it necessary to bring 3 different drashot excluding it from laws of misuse of consecrated property? Each word comes to exclude a different law. Why is there no need for a verse to exclude laws of pigul by blood? Every act of Yom Kippur must be done in order. Does this really mean everything? There is a dispute between Rabbi Yehuda and Rabbi Nehemiah - does it only apply to what is done in white clothes inside the Holy of Holies or to everything that is done in white clothes? The gemara discusses their opinions. What happens if the blood is spilled in the middle of the sprinklings? From what point does the Kohen Gadol need to start with a new animal?

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