42 minutes | Jun 7, 2021

Yoma 57 - June 7, 27 Sivan

Study Guide Yoma 57

If the sprinklings of the bull and goat are derived by a hekesh, juxtaposition, how can we derive a further juxtaposition from the sprinklings in the Holy of Holies to the sprinklings in the Sanctuary – rules don’t allow for a juxtaposition on a juxtaposition in the realm of the Temple. The gemara offers several answers. Are the sprinklings in the Sanctuary done on the parochet or in front of the parochet, on the floor? What does one do if the bloods get mixed together before the Kohen Gadol sprinkles the blood in the Holy of Holies? What if they mix after sprinkling upward but before the downward sprinklings? What if the Kohen got confused and doesn’t know which blood is in each cup? If some of the bloods mixed together but some remained separate, is what’s mixed up considered the remainder, or is it considered “rejected”? The mishna explains that the last stage of the blood sprinklings is to mix them together and place them on the four corners of the golden altar. That is a subject of debate as according to one opinion, they are placed separately on the corners of the altar. Is it clear that there is a tannaitic debate on this topic? Perhaps they both agree?

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