38 minutes | Jun 6, 2021

Yoma 56 - June 6, 26 Sivan

Study Guide Yoma 56

This week's learning is sponsored by Robert and Paula Cohen in memory of Paula’s father, Chaim Avraham ben Alter Gershon HaKohen. And by Elana Storch in honor of the birth of her granddaughter, Reut Noa, born to our children Julianna and Reuben Habousha Cohen. Reut Noa is named for women of strength and courage. One day she will know that a week of learning was dedicated to her arrival and I will share the great achievements of Rabbanit Farber and the beautiful community of Hadran. 

What is the reason why Rabbi Yehuda thinks there was only one pedestal for the bloods of the bull and the goat? Was it because the Kohen Gadol may not read the signs and may confuse between the bloods? Apparently, that is the issue, even though in the case of the shofarot in Shekalim, that was not the issue. In Shekalim the issue was a concern that someone may have died after their money went in and there would be no way to fix the situation as Rabbi Yehuda doesn't hold by laws of breira, retroactive designation. From where do we know that Rabbi Yehuda doesn't hold by breira? Why would Rabbi Yehuda think in the case of the Kohen Gadol, we cannot rely on the fact that he will read the signs but in the case of the shofarot, we can? A case is brought of a chazan who described the service of the Kohen Gadol in a way that was both according to Rabbi Yehuda and the rabbis and Rava corrected him. From where do we derive that the blood is sprinkled in the Sanctuary onto the parochet in the same order and the same amount as was done inside the Holy of Holies?


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