34 minutes | Jun 4, 2021

Yoma 55 - Shabbat June 5, 25 Sivan


The Kohen Gadol first sprinkles the blood of the bull in the Holy of Holies. Then he slaughters the goat and sprinkles its blood. How is the sprinkling done – where? How many? In what direction? Is it the same for the bull and the goat? How is this all derived from the verses? The counting is done by also mentioning the one sparkling that was upwards at the time he is counting the downward ones. Why? Are there two stands or just one for the bloods of the bull and goat? Rabbi Yehuda disagrees with Tana Kama. The gemara brings the Mishna Shekalim 6:4 to try to understand why Rabbi Yehuda holds that there was only one stand – is it because people may not read what is written and may make a mistake? The gemara rejects this possibility and explains the reason in Shekalim differently and as such, it does not teach us anything about our mishna.

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