42 minutes | Jun 4, 2021

Yoma 54 - June 4, 24 Sivan

Study Guide Yoma 54

Today's daf is sponsored by Goldie Gilad in memory of her father Yaacov Yisroel Tynkielrot z"l. "A holocaust survivor that continued to learn Daf Yomi immediately after the war by gathering and encouraging people around him to study the Daf realizing that it was the only constant in his life having lost everything else that mattered. He continued Daf Yomi for 7 1/2 cycles. He gave shiurim morning and night during his entire life." And by Rivka and Martin Himmel in honor of their 36th anniversary. While learning the daf, Rivka uses the Shas that her father gave to Martin for the wedding.

Was the Ark hidden or was it taken to Babylonia? What are the proofs for each opinion? The Ark and the Cherubs were used as a metaphor for the relationship between God and the Jewish people. How? How were there cherubs in the Second Temple if there was no Ark? Why was the stone called "Even Hashtia"? From where was the world created? Various opinions are brought? Is Jerusalem considered the center of the world/universe? 

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