46 minutes | Jun 2, 2021

Yoma 52 - June 2, 22 Sivan

Study Guide Yoma 52


Today's daf is sponsored by Judy Shapiro for the upcoming birthdays of her grandchildren: Matan and Yakira in Baltimore, 2nd birthday; and Adin Abraham in Jerusalem, 1st birthday.

What exactly was the question regarding the status of the one cubit partition between the Sanctuary and the Holy of Holies? Ravina explains it and the gemara brings Rabbi Yochanan who quotes a question raised by Yosef Ish Hutzal about two possibilities to reading a verse regarding the partition to prove his reading. The gemara questions this as it is said in a braita that Isi ben Yehuda said there are five verses in the Torah that can be read in two different ways and this verse is not one of them and it is said that Yosef Ish Hutzal is the same person as Isi ben Yehuda. The mishna continues to describe the path the Kohen Gadol takes after reaching the parochet, partition between the Sanctuary and the Holy of Holies. Then it describes how he offered the incense in the Holy of Holies and the path he took to leave when he finished. In the Sanctuary, on the way out, he would recite a short prayer – short, so as not to worry the people outside that were concerned the Kohen Gadol may die upon entering the Holy of Holies. The mishna is confusing as the parochet was only in the Second Temple, but the Ark was only in the First Temple as it was hidden. Why was it hidden and by whom? What else was hidden with it? How can it be explained? There is a debate regarding how the incense is placed on the coals – all at once or gradually. There is also a debate regarding where on the coal pile – closer to the Ark or closer to where the Kohen Gadol is standing?

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