22 minutes | May 28, 2021

Yoma 48 - Shabbat May 29, 18 Sivan

Today's daf is sponsored by the Shalev family in memory of Genya Adi bat Lana veMisha. "She left an impact with her love, kindness and Torah learning."

Rav Papa asks a number of questions regarding both the sanctification of the meal offering and the incense on Yom Kippur. When the Kohen Gadol takes a handful of incense, how big a handful – overflowing or flat? If it falls on the floor after being in his hands, can he gather it up and reuse it? How does it compare to the blood of an animal that spills? Do laws of pigul apply to different parts of the process of the incense? Rav Sheshet is asked a question: When a kohen brings the blood to the altar, can it be carried in his left hand or not? He answers by learning from the incense which was brought in the Kohen Gadol’s left hand. Why isn’t it learned from the daily Tamid offering whose leg is carried to the ramp of the altar in the kohen’s left hand?

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